Insult & Taunt UE Animations

Introducing the Unreal Engine Insult and Taunt Mocap Animation Pack, featuring 62 motion capture animations for Unreal Engine. This pack is designed to bring your characters to life with a wide range of insults and taunts. With animations ranging from sarcastic gestures to full-blown insults, you’ll have everything you need to bring your characters to life and have them taunt one another in a playful way.

Each animation is retargeted to the Unreal Mannequin, allowing for seamless integration into your projects. And with FBX files included, you have the flexibility to retarget and edit the animations in external applications. Whether you’re creating a game or an animation the Unreal Engine Insult and Taunt Mocap Animation Pack will give your characters the ability to convey a full range of human emotions. Examples of animations in this pack include animations for angery gestures, pointing and jeering, or giving a sarcastic applause.


MoCap animations included in this pack
62 motion capture animation clips retargeted to UE mannequin representing insulting and taunting gestures
Note: This includes variations of some animations.
For example some animations may have shorter versions for game emotes or longer versions for film sequences.

List of included Animations

Blow Raspberry At Crowd Short, Blow Raspberry At Crowd, Blow Raspberry Short, Blow Raspberry, Gloating Pointing Dance Short, Gloating Pointing Dance, Gloating Rub Hands Short, Gloating Rub Hands, Golf Clap Dance Short, Golf Clap Dance, Golf Clap LSide Short, Golf Clap LSide, Golf Clap RSide Short, Golf Clap RSide, Jest Full Mocking Short, Jest Full Mocking Short2, Jest Full Mocking, Kung Fu Bekon (looped) LHand, Kung Fu Bekon (looped) RHand, Kung Fu Bekon LHand Short, Kung Fu Bekon LHand, Kung Fu Bekon RHand Short, Kung Fu Bekon RHand, Let One Go, Loser Dance Short, Loser Dance, Loser Stand Short, Loser Stand, Mocking Angry Fists Short 1, Mocking Angry Fists Short 2, Mocking Angry Fists Short 3, Mocking Angry Fists Short 4, Mocking Angry Fists, Moon, Pity Violin Short, Pity Violin, Pointy Gloating Short, Pointy Gloating, Sarcastic Clap Short, Sarcastic Clap, Shake Butt, Shoo Away Dance Short, Shoo Away Dance, Shoo Away Pest Stand Short, Shoo Away Pest Stand, Spank Myself Looped, Spank Myself, Spit Ground, Spit Wipe Mouth, Telling Off Dance, Telling Off Stand, Tiny Violin Dance Short, Tiny Violin Dance, Tiny Violin Short, Tiny Violin, Wagging Finger Dance Short, Wagging Finger Dance, Your Going Down V1 Both Hands, Your Going Down V2 LHand, Your Going Down V2 RHand, Your Going Down V3 LHand, Your Going Down V3 RHand

All the animations have been looped

Source FBX files included for editing/retargeting in external apps & importing into earlier engines than 4.24

A showcase level scene is included to help easily review the dances in your Unreal Engine project

Animations are rigged to the Epic Manny Skeleton and include IK bones