Agree, Celebrate & Bow UE Animations

Introducing our unreal engine mocap animation pack, “Agree, Celebrate, and Bow Emotes” – an exciting collection of emotes perfect for creating captivating and dynamic characters in your Unreal Engine projects. This pack contains a total of 73 animation clips, each capturing a unique gesture or movement related to agreement, celebration, and bowing. Whether your characters are acknowledging a victory, congratulating each other, or paying respect, you’ll find the perfect emotes to bring your stories to life.

Each animation is captured using motion capture technology and retargeted to the Unreal Engine mannequin, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility with your project. Whatever your unreal engine project is, these emotes will provide you with the mocap you need to add realistic and expressive body language to your characters.



MoCap animations included in this pack
73 motion capture animation clips retargeted to UE mannequin representing Agreement, Celebration, Bow and Curtsy Motions
Note: This includes variations of some animations.
For example some animations may have shorter versions for game emotes or longer versions for film sequences.

List of included Animations


3 Quick Claps, Applause Stand LOOP, Applause Stand MEDIUM LOOP, Applause Stand MEDIUM, Applause Stand SHORT LOOP, Applause Stand SHORT, Applause Stand, Celebrate Wiggle Dance SHORT, Celebrate Wiggle Dance, Celebration Dance Around, Cheer Dance LOOP, Cheer Dance SHORT, Cheer Dance, Cheer SHORT, Cheer, Cheering Gesture 1 SHORT, Cheering Gesture 2 SHORT, Cheering Gesture 3 SHORT, Cheering Gesture 4 SHORT, Cheering Gesture 5 SHORT, Cheering, Congratulations Dance SHORT, Congratulations Dance, Congratulations Stand Gesture SHORT, Congratulations Stand, Double Clap, Excited Clap Dance SHORT, Excited Clap Dance, Excited Clap Stand SHORT, Excited Clap Stand, Fist Pump Big LHand, Fist Pump Big RHand, Fist Pump LHand, Fist Pump RHand, Happy Winner Dance, Hip Thrusts, Im Clapping You Dude SHORT v2, Im Clapping You Dude SHORT, Im Clapping You Dude, Little Clap Above Head LOOPED, Little Clap Above Head SHORT, Single Clap, Sway Clap SHORT, Sway Clap, Tada!, Well Done Dance SHORT, Well Done Dance, Well Done Stand SHORT, Well Done Stand, Yes I think so dance SHORT, Yes I think so dance, Yes I think so stand SHORT, Yes I think so stand


Big Bow LArm, Big Bow RArm, Big Curtsy Left, Big Curtsy Right, Big Hug Bow, Bow Dance SHORT, Bow Dance, Curtsy Dance EXTRA SHORT, Curtsy Dance SHORT, Curtsy Dance, Frilly Bow LArm, Frilly Bow RArm, Little Court Bow LArm, Little Court Bow RArm, Little Curtsy Left, Little Curtsy Right, Little Stage Bow Left, Little Stage Bow Right, Simple Bow 2, Simple Bow

All the animations have been looped

Source FBX files included for editing/retargeting in external apps & importing into earlier engines than 4.24

A showcase level scene is included to help easily review the dances in your Unreal Engine project

Animations are rigged to the Epic Manny Skeleton and include IK bones