Emotions UE Animations

Introducing the Unreal Engine Emotions Mocap Animation Pack, featuring 94 high-quality motion capture animations for Unreal Engine. Whether you’re creating a game or an animation, this pack has everything you need to bring your characters to life with a wide range of emotional expressions. From joy to sadness, anger to surprise, this pack has it all.

Each animation is retargeted to the Unreal Mannequin, ensuring seamless integration into your projects. With FBX files included, you have the flexibility to retarget and edit the animations in external applications. Bring your characters to life and convey the full range of human emotions with the Emotions Animation Pack.



MoCap animations included in this pack
94 motion capture animation clips retargeted to UE mannequin representing various emotions
Note: This includes variations of some animations.
For example some animations may have shorter versions for game emotes or longer versions for film sequences.

List of included Animations
Ashamed SHORT, Ashamed Walk Around, Ashamed, Awkward Stand SHORT, Awkward Stand, Awkward Turtle Hand Gesture SHORT, Awkward Turtle Hand Gesture, Bashful Stand SHORT, Bashful Stand, Behold the Sky, Bored Dramatic SHORT, Bored Dramatic, Bored Stand SHORT, Bored Stand, Bouncy Happy Dramatic SHORT, Bouncy Happy Dramatic, Bouncy Happy Stand SHORT, Bouncy Happy Stand, Check Me Out (I’m Cool) SHORT, Check Me Out (I’m Cool), Confused Jog LOOPED, Confused Jog SHORT, Confused Rocking SHORT, Confused Rocking, Confused SHORT, Confused, Cross Fingers SHORT, Cross Fingers, Cry Dramatic SHORT, Cry Dramatic, Cry Emote, Crying Contained SHORT, Crying Contained, Crying SHORT, Crying, Depressed SHORT, Depressed, Disappointed Dramatic SHORT, Disappointed Dramatic, Disappointed Emote, Disappointed Stand SHORT, Disappointed Stand, Enamoured SHORT, Enamoured, Excitable Fidgeting SHORT, Excitable Fidgeting, Fall About Laugh SHORT, Fall About Laugh, Giggle Dramatic SHORT, Giggle Dramatic, Giggle Stand SHORT, Giggle Stand, Hand Heart 1 EXTENDED, Hand Heart 1, Hand Heart 2 EXTENDED, Hand Heart 2, Hysterical Laugh LOOP, Hysterical Laugh SHORT, Hysterical Laugh, Jump About Excited SHORT 1, Jump About Excited SHORT 2, Jump About Excited, Jumps For Joy JUMP 1, Jumps For Joy JUMP 2, Jumps For Joy JUMP 3, Jumps For Joy JUMP 4, Jumps For Joy JUMP 5, Jumps For Joy JUMP 6, Jumps For Joy JUMP 7, Jumps For Joy, Oh Wow, Puzzled Scratch Head SHORT, Puzzled Scratch Head, Relief Dramatic SHORT, Relief Dramatic, Relief, Sad Crying SHORT, Sad Crying, Sad Stand SHORT, Sad Stand, Serenity Stand SHORT, Serenity Stand, Stroppy Stand SHORT, Stroppy Stand, Thinking SHORT LOOP, Thinking SHORT, Thinking, Timid Stand SHORT, Timid Stand, Urika Moment SHORT 1, Urika Moment SHORT 2, Urika Moment, Worried SHORT ,Worried

All the animations have been looped

Source FBX files included for editing/retargeting in external apps & importing into earlier engines than 4.24

A showcase level scene is included to help easily review the dances in your Unreal Engine project

Animations are rigged to the Epic Manny Skeleton and include IK bones