Scared & Unwell UE Animations

Introducing the ‘Scared & Unwell’ Motion Capture Animation Pack, featuring 86 high-quality animations for Unreal Engine. These animations bring a new level of realism and emotion to your projects with the power of motion capture. Each animation has been carefully crafted to accurately convey feelings of fear, discomfort and illness, making them ideal for use in a variety of game and animation projects as emotes or other character animations. The pack includes a variety of animations such as cold shiver dance, coughing and sneezing, panic dance, feeling faint, projectile vomiting, and more.

The animations are retargeted to the Unreal Mannequin, ensuring seamless integration into your projects. Additionally, FBX files are included, allowing for retargeting and editing in external applications. With the ‘Scared & Unwell’ Motion Capture Animation Pack, you have the ability to bring your characters to life and immerse your audience in a believable and emotional experience.



MoCap animations included in this pack
86 motion capture animation clips retargeted to UE mannequin representing Scared & Unwell motions
Note: This includes variations of some animations.
For example some animations may have shorter versions for game emotes or longer versions for film sequences.

List of included Animations
Afraid, Busting For A Pee Short, Busting For A Pee, Cold Shiver Dance Short, Cold Shiver Dance, Cold Shiver Stand Short, Cold Shiver Stand, Cough and Sneeze Short, Cough and Sneeze, Cower Fear Crouch Loop, Cower Fear Crouch Short, Cower Fear Dance Short, Cower Fear Dance, Dizzy Dance Short, Dizzy Dance, Dizzy Stand Short, Dizzy Stand, Dizzy Wobble Short, Dizzy Wobble, Fall Asleep Standing Short, Fall Asleep Standing, Feeling Faint Short1, Feeling Faint Short2, Feeling Faint, Fidget Dance Short, Fidget Dance, Fidget Stand Short, Fidget Stand, Fidgeting Stand Short, Fidgeting Stand, Flopping Around Short, Flopping Around, Grovel Stand Dance Short, Grovel Stand Dance, Grovel Stand Short, Grovel Stand, Groveling Short, Groveling, Itchy All Over Short, Itchy All Over, Its Too Hot Sweating Short1, Its Too Hot Sweating Short2, Its Too Hot Sweating, Kneeling Doom Short, Kneeling Doom, Need A Pee! (Short), Need A Pee!, Need A Poo! Short, Need A Poo!, Panic Dance Short, Panic Dance, Panic Stand Short, Panic Stand, Panic Stations 2, Panic Stations Short, Panic Stations, Pity Stand Short, Pity Stand, Pleading Short, Pleading, Projectile Vomit Short, Projectile Vomit, Scratch Butt Short, Scratch Butt, Sleepy Stand Short, Sleepy Stand, Sneezes Short 1, Sneezes Short 2, Sneezes Short 3, Sneezes, Stretch and Yawn Short, Stretch and Yawn, Surrender Fwd Short, Surrender Fwd, Surrender Nervous Dance Short, Surrender Nervous Dance, Surrender Short, Surrender, Tummy Pains Short, Tummy Pains, Vomitting Short, Vomitting, Yawning Stand Short1, Yawning Stand Short2, Yawning Stand.

All the animations have been looped

Source FBX files included for editing/retargeting in external apps & importing into earlier engines than 4.24

A showcase level scene is included to help easily review the dances in your Unreal Engine project

Animations are rigged to the Epic Manny Skeleton and include IK bones