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You can easily purchase our packs from the Unreal Marketplace. The packs have been tailored to work seamlessly with Unreal Engine. The motions have been retargeted to the Epic skeleton to simplify the retargeting process in Unreal Engine. You can import import the animations directly into your projects through the UE Launcher interface.

At the moment, we don't have any products available on the Unity Marketplace. However, our regular animation packs on our main website do come with supplementary files that can be imported into a variety of platforms, including Unity. Please keep in mind that these animations are not specifically optimized for use with Unity, but they can still be used with the appropriate setup.

Absolutely! If you're working with Unreal Engine, we have good news for you. We've created a beginner-friendly animation pack that's available on the Unreal Marketplace for only $4.95. While Epic doesn't allow us to offer it for free, we've priced it as low as possible to make it accessible to everyone. Here's the link to the pack on the marketplace: Click Here.

This pack is an excellent opportunity to try out a variety of motion capture dances at an affordable price and experiment with retargeting and other features in Unreal Engine. As with all our Unreal Marketplace animation sets, these animations have been retargeted to the Epic Manny skeleton, allowing for direct import into your projects with ease.

We offer our animation sets on various marketplaces and through our website. The marketplaces offer versions of our animations that are tailored to specific applications, making them the best choice for those use cases.

The motion packs available on our website are more generalized and come with the base data that we have processed. To help our customers get started on various platforms, we include supplementary files in different formats. However, please note that these animations may not be as refined as those in our marketplace sets and importing them into specific applications can require a bit more setup.

Our animations are crafted with care in our state-of-the-art motion capture studio. We bring in professional dancers and actors to choreograph and perform the animations, which are then recorded using our advanced mocap equipment. Once the data has been captured, our team meticulously cleans and processes it, ensuring that it's ready for use in your projects right out of the box.

We apologize, but we are unable to create custom animation packs due to the significant amount of time and resources required. Additionally, we are unable to offer additional discounts beyond occasional sale events. However, we do have several animation packs available at very reasonable prices, providing a cost-effective solution for your needs.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept custom work at this time due to the time-intensive nature of the process. However, we are always open to hearing suggestions from our customers. If there is enough demand, we may consider creating a dedicated animation pack based on your idea in the future.

The terms of use for our animations will vary depending on where you purchased them. If you acquired the animations through our website, they will be governed by our standard End User License Agreement, which can be found on our website. On the other hand, if you purchased the animations through a marketplace such as the Unreal Marketplace, the terms of use will be determined by the marketplace's End User License Agreement. Please make sure to review the specific terms before using the animations.

Unreal Engine Questions

For customers who have purchased an animation pack from the Unreal Marketplace, the import process is straightforward. Simply access the UE launcher and locate the pack in your Library. Then, click on "Add to Project" and select the project you would like to add the animations to. Upon opening the project, you will find a folder in the projects content browser that contains the animations and other related files.

At present, our animation packs are compatible with Unreal Engine versions 4.24 and later. If you need to use the data in an earlier version of Unreal Engine, we recommend importing the source FBX files included in the project folder. This should allow you to use the animations in your desired version of Unreal Engine.

If you need to work on the FBX files, you can export them from Unreal Engine. However, for your convenience, we've included the files in the project folder. They may not be visible in the Unreal Engine content browser, but you can access them by right-clicking on the project folder in the content browser, selecting "Show in Explorer," and opening the folder in your operating system's file explorer. You should find the FBX files either in the pack folder or in the root of your project folder in the "Source" folder.

All our Unreal Engine animations come with root motion already baked in, giving you the option to use it within the engine. Additionally, the rigs come equipped with IK bones that have been constrained to move with the hands and feet.

Included in the pack is the official Unreal Engine mannequin, which is necessary for the proper import of the FBX files that have been retargeted to it (as demonstrated in the video tutorial). If it is not present in your project, it can be obtained for free from the Unreal Marketplace. The pack also includes animations for the mannequin in both A and T poses, which can serve as helpful reference points for retargeting within UE and other platforms.

If you want to import FBX files, such as those you've worked on using the included source files or retargeted to your own characters using an external application, you can do so by dragging them into the Unreal Engine content browser viewport. Our FBX animations are rigged to the Epic Skeleton, so they can be easily imported if you already have it in your project. For your own animations, you'll need to set up your own character in Unreal first so its skeleton is recognised.

Short Tutorial - Importing FBX Files into Unreal Engine

If you have successfully imported an FBX file or obtained one of our Unreal Engine animation packs, you can utilize the retargeting feature within Unreal Engine to apply the animations to your own character. Our website provides detailed instructions and a tutorial video to guide you through the process.

Short UE MoCap Retargeting Manny to Another Character Video

We are doing our best to upload helpful tutorials to assist in the use of our data in UE. If you have any questions please contact us using the form on our website site or email directly to and I'll do my best to assist.

If you recently purchased one of our asset packs and you like it! Please do leave a positive review on the marketplace 🙂 However if you have any technical problems with it please do contact me so I can try my best to help out!