Mixed Dances Set 2 for Unreal Engine

Introducing our MoCap Dance Animation Pack 2 for Unreal Engine, featuring 40 high-quality mocap dance animations to enhance your projects. These animations are retargeted to Unreal Engine’s mannequin, making it easier for you to bring your unreal project characters to life. With a variety of dances in different styles and genres to choose from, you’ll find the perfect motion for your scene, whether you’re creating a film, game, or animation project.

Each animation is recorded in our state of the art mocap studio with professional actors and dancers. The animations are designed to be smooth and fluid, with energy and dynamism to your characters virtual performances. Whether you want character dance emotes for your game or virtual world, or just want to make a fun dance movie clip to share on tiktok, the variety of dance moves in this pack has you covered. Bring your UE project to the next level with our Motion Capture Dance Animation Pack.


Our Mixed Dance Motion Capture Animation Pack 2 is packed with features that will elevate your Unreal Engine projects to new heights. Here’s what you can expect from this exciting pack:

40 Mocap Dances: Enjoy a wide variety of dances in various different styles and genres.

Dances included are as follows…
1960s Medley 1, And Stop Dance, Apache Jump On It, Awkward Robot 1, Awkward Robot 2, Awkward Robot 3, Awkward Robot 4, Awkward Robot 5, Cabbage Patch, Carlton Dance, Cha Cha Slide Line Dance, Chicken Noodle Soup, Clearing Out Of The Way Dance, Crazy Tantrum, Disco Funky Chicken, Disco Medley 1, Disco Rolls, Disco Strut, Disco The Bus Stop, Disco The Sprinkler, Disco Turns , Disco Weaves, Elvis 1, Elvis 2, Flamenco Man, Greased Lightning, Lazy Twist, Mashed Potato, Pulp Fiction, Scottish Folk, Snake Eyes, Staying Alive, The Jerk, The Monkey, The Slice, The Swim, The Twist, The Wop, Time Warp, YMCA

Performed by a Real-Life Dancer: Each animation was performed by a real-life dancer

Recorded in our motion capture studio: Using the latest in optical motion capture technology, we recorded each animation in our state-of-the-art studio, ensuring the highest quality and accuracy.

Retargeted to Unreal Mannequin: The animations have been retargeted to the Unreal Mannequin, making it easy to integrate them into your projects.

Looped Animations: All 40 animations are looped, giving you the flexibility to use them in a variety of ways.

Source FBX Files: Source files are included in the project folder should you wish to retargeted the mocap data in your prefered application or import into an earlier version of unreal engine than officially supported.

With our Mixed Dance Motion Capture Animation Pack, you’ll have everything you need to bring exciting dance motions to all your projects in Unreal Engine. Please drop us a line if you have any questions before purchase. Please also check out of discounted basic introduction mocap dance pack first if you want to test out some of our dances first.