Mocap Zombie Dances for Unreal Engine

Introducing the “Zombie Dances” motion capture dance pack, featuring an undead twist on popular dance styles! This pack contains 25 motion capture animations, retargeted to the Unreal Engine mannequin. Whether you’re creating a zombie-themed game, animation, or other Unreal Engine project, this pack is the perfect way to bring your undead characters to life.

Each motion capture animation in the “Zombie Dances” pack was performed by a professional dancer, instructed to move as if they were a zombie. The result is a humerous, unique and eerie set of dance animations, incorporating the disorientated and shuffling movements of the undead. The motion capture technology used to create this pack ensures that every detail of the dancer’s performance has been captured, delivering fluid and realistic animations for your project.

In addition to the retargeted animations for the Unreal Engine mannequin, we’ve included FBX files in the project folder, so you can easily adjust or retarget the animations in external applications. Whether you’re looking to create a frightening zombie flash mob or a solo undead performer, the “Zombie Dances” pack has everything you need to bring your undead dance visions to life.


25 mocap Zombie dance animations for Unreal Engine
Zombie dances are a type of dance that is performed to simulate the movements and behaviors of zombies, the undead creatures from horror and science fiction. Zombie dances are typically performed in a style that is slow, shambling, and stiff-limbed, mimicking the way that zombies are often portrayed in popular culture. Zombie dances have become popular at events such as Halloween parties and zombie-themed events, and are often performed in choreographed routines to zombie-themed music. The dance style has also been incorporated into flash mobs, where a large group of participants perform the dance in a public place, usually to the surprise and delight of onlookers. The dances can be comedic or creepy, depending on the mood of the event, and are often accompanied by music that is inspired by horror and suspense. We imagine this set to be used in the context of film or for humerous value in games either as random NPC characters or as player emotes.

Performed by a Real-Life Dancers
Each animation was performed by a real-life dancer, ensuring that every movement is authentic and true to the art form.

Recorded in our motion capture studio
Using the latest in motion capture technology, we have recorded each animation in our state-of-the-art studio, ensuring the highest quality and accuracy to create smooth and realistic animation clips.

Mocap Animation Clips are Looped
All the animations in this mocap animation pack are looped, giving you the flexibility to use them in a variety of ways in your Unreal Projects.

Animations are rigged to the Epic Manny Skeleton and include IK bones
The animations have been retargeted to the Unreal Mannequin, making it easy to integrate them into your projects. The IK bones have been animated and root motion has been baked in should you wish to use it.

Easy Preview in Unreal Engine
A showcase level scene is included to help easily review the dances

Source FBX Files included
Source files are included in the project folder should you wish to retargeted the mocap data in your prefered application or import into an earlier version of unreal engine than officially supported.