Mocap Arabian Fusion Dances for Unreal Engine

Introducing the Arabian Fusion Dance Motion Capture Animation Pack for Unreal Engine. This pack brings a touch of exoticism to your unreal characters with 12 beautifully crafted mocap animations. Each animation is inspired by traditional Arabic dance styles fused with contemporary movements to create a unique and mesmerizing series of performances.

Retargeted to Unreal Engine’s mannequin, these animations are easily integrated into your projects, allowing you to bring your virtual characters to life with ease. The pack is designed for use in Unreal Engine, making it perfect for use in a variety of projects such as films, games, and animations.

With smooth, flowing movements, the Arabian Fusion Dance Motion Capture Animation Pack adds energy and grace to your virtual performances. Immerse your audience in a world of exotic dance styles and bring your project to life with this captivating motion capture pack.


12 mocap Arabian Fusion animations for Unreal Engine
Arabian fusion dance is a style of dance that combines elements of traditional Arabic dance with elements of contemporary dance and other dance styles from around the world. This style of dance is characterized by fluid and graceful movements, intricate arm and hand gestures, and expressive hip and belly movements. Arabian fusion dance draws inspiration from traditional Arabic dance styles such as belly dance, dabke, and khaleegy, and incorporates elements from other dance styles such as contemporary, jazz, and world dance. The result is a unique and dynamic style of dance that showcases the beauty and elegance of traditional Arabic dance, while also exploring new and innovative forms of movement. Arabian fusion dance is often performed to a fusion of traditional Arabic music and contemporary music, and it can be performed solo or in groups. Arabian fusion dance is a way for dancers to explore their cultural heritage and to express their creativity through movement. Whether performed for fun or in a professional setting, Arabian fusion dance is a beautiful and dynamic form of dance that continues to evolve and grow.

Performed by a Real-Life Dancers
Each animation was performed by a real-life dancer, ensuring that every movement is authentic and true to the art form.

Recorded in our motion capture studio
Using the latest in motion capture technology, we have recorded each animation in our state-of-the-art studio, ensuring the highest quality and accuracy to create smooth and realistic animation clips.

Mocap Animation Clips are Looped
All the animations in this mocap animation pack are looped, giving you the flexibility to use them in a variety of ways in your Unreal Projects.

Animations are rigged to the Epic Manny Skeleton and include IK bones
The animations have been retargeted to the Unreal Mannequin, making it easy to integrate them into your projects. The IK bones have been animated and root motion has been baked in should you wish to use it.

Easy Preview in Unreal Engine
A showcase level scene is included to help easily review the dances

Source FBX Files included
Source files are included in the project folder should you wish to retargeted the mocap data in your prefered application or import into an earlier version of unreal engine than officially supported.